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Syria: Leading Democratic People's Party member arrested







Syria: Leading Democratic People's Party member arrested

Alkarama for Human Rights

Mr. George Sabrah

Syria: Leading Democratic People's Party member arrested

13 April 2011

George Sabra, a leading member of the Syrian Democractic People's Party, was arrested by Syrian security forces at 10.30am on 10 April 2011, in Quatana and has since disappeared. His party is linked to the Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change, a Syrian opposition movement calling for pro-democratic reforms in Syria.

Since anti-government protests began in March 2011, many Syrian human rights defenders and political activists have been arrested. George Sabra was also previously arrested on 24 March 2008.

Alkarama is concerned that Sabra risks being tortured while disappeared and calls on the Syrian authorities to avoid resorting to torture. In respect of both Syrian and international law, George Sabra should be placed under the protection of the law and be allowed to contest his detention. Syria has signed the Convention on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention Against Torture, and should respect the edicts of both.

Furthermore, Syria should uphold the right to freedom of expression and opinion and the right to life, by ensuring that peaceful protestors are able to demonstrate in peace. There have been a number of deaths amidst protests in recent weeks and the atmosphere appears to be escalating.

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Alkarama sent George Sabra's case to the UN human rights procedures today, informing them of his disappearance.



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